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Retirement Planning and SMSF

As retirement nears, and you begin thinking about the retirement lifestyle you would like, your super comes more into focus.

Depending on when you plan to retire, you may start thinking about putting extra money into super, maximising your investments, balancing risk and return, and looking at your wealth protection needs.

And as you think about winding down from the workforce, GPLFG will work with you to manage the risk your super investments may be exposed to and protect the wealth you’ve worked hard to build.

Whatever your plans, maximising your retirement savings is essential-and the way you structure your finances can have a direct impact on how much you end up with down the track.

GPLFG can advise on the set up and investment advice in regards to managing your SMSF as well as handling all of your administration needs. Our intergrated software allows you to have direct secure internet access to real time reporting on your SMSF in regards to your investments. An SMSF allows you to gain full control over your superannuation wealth and give you a wide variety of investment choices.